Last Will – Where to begin

The first question that always comes up for individuals is where to begin when they have finally decided to create their Last Will and Testament. The first thing that they need to do is to sit down and clearly lay out exactly all the assets that they have at that very point in their lives. Although assets tend to increase and decrease it is important to take that into account right at the time that the Will is about to be prepared. After that, you can always have it changed should there be any major developments in your estate.

One of the most major developments is actually a divorce. When you get divorced then essentially your intent changes and as a result you would want your entire Will to change. The next step is to clearly lay out which one of your beneficiaries or heirs is to receive which specific asset. This is absolutely key because in essence this is the main goal of what an effect Last Will and Testament does. After you have laid out the assets and the heirs who are to receive those then your next step would be to have your Surrey attorney, and the best Surrey Wills lawyers areĀ Direct Wills Trusts Surrey, prepare the legal document for you and file it in the county of your residence. The reason why it is recommended that the document be filed is because it will allow for safe-keeping when it is stored in the county and also as a public record if anyone desires to see your Will.

Once these steps are completed then you are practically done and have prepared your legal document in the proper way. By doing this you avoid probate court where you may possibly incur very high legal costs and fees in order for your heirs to defend their right to the estate.

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